Pressure reducing valves are used to balance the system pressure; they are placed at the entrance of the buildings or residences. Pressure reducing valve drops the pressure down to 3-4 bars for residences. Placing a strainer before pressure reducing valve will help to protect the product against possible damages. In those systems that more than one pressure reducing valve will be used, placing the strainer at the entrance of the building is important. Water pressure behind the valve is adjusted by the screw pins at both sides of the valve. The manometer gauge compatible with the valve can be adjusted in the range of 0-6 bars. The gauge is provided with 3 bars of set pressure.

Material Structure:Body: Nickel coated brass
Max. Operating Temperature:90 °C
Max. Operating Pressure:16 bar
Nominal Diameter:DN15 (1/2”) – DN50 (2”), Manometer setting range (0-6 bar)
Applications:District water distribution lines, before water meter.