The Steam Trapping and Tracing Equipment category consists of three groups of products-steam traps, steam tracing systems and automatic differential condensate controllers (DC).

Steam Trapping

Armstrong offers a full range of steam traps as well as the remarkable trap valve station (TVS) to integrate valves and traps into one versatile package for quicker installation, simplified testing and faster maintenance.

The job of the steam trap is to get condensate, air and CO2 out of the steam system as quickly as they accumulate. Clearly, steam traps are key components in any steam system and, to be effective, must provide:

  • Minimal steam loss
  • Long life and dependable service
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Air venting
  • CO2 venting
  • Operation against back pressure
  • Freedom from dirt problems

Steam tracing systems

The space-saving TVS delivers benefits on several fronts, including installation, testing and maintenance.Armstrong’s steam distribution and condensate collection manifolds bring together all the necessary components-steam traps, manifolds and valves. For you, this means lower installation costs and a compact, easily accessible, centrally located assembly. These units are especially important in tracer applications, where steam lines are used to follow or “trace” a pipe to keep the fluid inside at a uniform temperature.

Automatic differential condensate controllers

Armstrong automatic differential condensate controllers are designed for applications where condensate must be lifted from a drain point or in gravity drainage applications where increased velocity will aid drainage.

Armstrong. We’re the solution for virtually any trapping and tracing application you may encounter.