Thermostatic radiator valve occurs from 2 parts (thermostat and valve). Ayvaz Thermostatic valves are installed to system easily and required air temperature can be controlled with them. When the temperature rises up to required temperature, valves shut off for unnecessary flowing automatically. Consumers cannot able to control the temperature when classic radiator valves was installed the building. If Ayvaz thermostatic valves are installed to system, heat distribution will be more efficient. For example, Kitchen is heated more easily than other part of building. When the kitchen reaches at required temperature, thermostatic radiator valves shut off water flowing and let the hot water to reach other rooms. Straight and angle type is enabled

Material Structure:Body: Nickel coated brass, Flywheel: ABS
Nominal Diameter:DN15 (1/2”) – DN20 (3/4”)
Working Pressure:Up to 10 bars
Working Temperature:10ºC to 120ºC according to material structure
Typical applications:Heating systems