60-160 kW Output

Selectos industrial package burner, rated for outputs between 60kw to 160kW. Supplied with integral fan, fuel train and control box, options available for on/off, high/low and modulating gas only (oil on/off only). The burner is of rugged industrial design and is suitable for natural gas, LPG or oil. The Selectos range has been applied for many years on ovens, spraybooths, dryers and furnaces. Options available for tube-firing on gas (300kW tube-fire special available upon request).


Key Features:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reliable and trouble free operation
  • Industry standard components available
  • Most components can be easily accessed allowing for easy maintenance

All process burners are designed and manufactured to comply with EN746

Technical Data

  SG 100SG 170
Firing ratekW60-110110-160
Control unit Automatic
Max inlet pressurembar360
Fittings Dungs gas multibloc
Flame monitoring Ionisation*
Gross weightkg1520