100kW -20MW Output

Energystream burner industrial in-duct burner, suitable for natural gas or LPG and rated for output between 20kW and 12MW (Note: special burners available rated up to 45MW). Supplied as burner head only or as part of an engineered solution, including duct work if required.
The burner can be offered to utilise the oxygen with the air stream (if above 16%) or with a rear air box to accept an external air source. Commonly applied to dryers within the paper and tissue industry, minerals dryer and food conveyer ovens.


Key Features:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reliable and trouble free operation
  • Heat resistant metal in combustion tunnel
  • Industry standard components available
  • Most components can be easily accessed allowing for easy maintenance

All process burners are designed and manufactured to comply with EN746