Dual effect pneumatic actuator controls butterfly valve, ball valve proportional or on/off control. It can provide 11Nm-2900Nm torque with 6 bar air pressure. DUAL-MONO effects pneumatic actuator can convert to each other by some tunings Spring effect actuator is ideal for explosive mediums. If actuator air stops for any reason involuntarily valve will closed automatically and it prevent uncontrolled air circulation. But dual effect actuator has to be closed with air.

Material Structure:Body: Epoxy coated aluminum injection, Pistons: Aluminum cast, Shaft: Cadmium coated steel, Seal: Nitrile rubber
Connection:ISO 5211
Nominal Diameter:DN15 (1/2”) – DN300 (12”)
Working Pressure:20ºC to 80ºC
Temperature Ratings:10ºC to 130ºC
Typical applications:Butterfly valves and ball valves