Armstrong offers both a complete system and a modular component solution to mixed water temperature control across the entire Institutional and Industrial Hot Water Distribution network. From mechanical room based digital recirculation system control with integral BAS interface to traditional thermostatic control at distribution points within the system to revolutionary digital point of use control solutions, Armstrong products place user safety and legionella risk reduction at the forefront of hot water system design, operation and maintenance. Armstrong offers a full range of Thermostatic & Digital Water Temperature Control Solutions which are defined within the following classifications.

  • Water Temperature Control-Single Point of Use-Thermostatic

Features the Rada 215 thermostatic mixing valve which is designed specifically for installation at or near the final point of use.

  • Water Temperature Control-Single Point of Use-Digital

Features Sense™. Sense™ is a series of 4 individual point of use digital mixing valves designed for installation at the point of use to allow user control of water temperature and flow.

  • Water Temperature Control-Groups of Fixtures-Thermostatic

Features two Thermostatic Mixing Valves designed specifically for use in non-return “dead leg” applications.

  • Water Temperature Control-Groups of Fixtures-Digital

Rada Outlook™ is a six outlet digital mixing valve which enables precise group fixture flow and temperature control for showering and hand washing applications. Outlook™ offers a digital solution to facilities seeking compliance prevailing legionella control guidelines.

  • Water Temperature Control-Recirculation Systems-Digital

Features Digital Recirculating Valve (DRV) and Digital Mixing Centers (DMC) specifically designed for use in a pumped recirculating hot water system.

  • Water Temperature Control-Emergency Fixtures-Thermostatic

Features Z358 series of Thermostatic Mixing Valves designed to deliver mixed water temperature control to Emergency Fixtures for fixtures and systems designed comply with the guidelines tendered within ANSI standard Z358.1-2009.

  • Water Temperature Control-Showerheads & Tub/Lavatory Fittings

Vandal and ligature resistant showerheads. Lavatory and tub spouts.

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