Super Safe Steam & Water Hose Stations

  • a significant cold water pressure reduction.
  • a complete failure of the cold water supply.
  • mechanical failure of its primary operating component.

STEAMIX Hose Stations are designed to improve efficiency and reduce risk when mixing STEAM and WATER for washdown. When your process demands high washdown temperatures, adjusting the mix of steam and water becomes much more difficult and dangerous. With the older style, dual globe valve Mixing “Y,” it is easy to introduce too much steam — with dangerous consequences for your personnel.

Not with STEAMIX!

Available in bronze and Type 304 stainless steel.

Armstrong Hot & Cold Water Hose Stations

Armstrong Hot & Cold Water Hose Stations are supplied with an integral Rada 320 Thermostatic Mixing Valve.

Rada 320 offers:

  • Full range temperature control from full cold to a field adjustable maximum temperature limit stop (which the user cannot override) in a single handle rotation.
  • A single temperature lock out.
  • Will hold outlet temperatures +/- 2°F (1°C) in the event of inlet pressure and/or temperature change.
  • Thermal shutdown capability to protect the operator in the event of an inlet supply failure.
  • Available in bronze or with a heavy duty industrial nickel plate finish.

Armstrong Single Temperature Hose Stations

Armstrong Single Temperature Hose Stations are supplied with a heavy duty washdown hose and a self closing industrial quality spray nozzle. They are ideal for installation in hot water systems which do not require a secondary point of use water temperature adjustment.

  • Stainless Steel Construction.
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve Flow Control.
  • Stainless Steel Hose Rack.
  • Spray Nozzle.
  • Washdown Hose.

Washdown Accessories

To support and complement core engineered products, Armstrong offers a full range of accessory items—all performance-matched to the application.

  • Detergent-injection systems
  • Washdown Hose
  • Hose reels/racks
  • Spray nozzles
  • Flow indicators