Main part of ball valves is a drilled ball placed in the center of the valve. 90° of turn of this ball gets the valve to the full open position from full closed position. Ball valves are expected to be opened and closed very often, also opening and closing should be very quick.


  • Low pressure drop
  • Easy operation
  • Well sealing
  • Light and compact structure
  • Low installation place required.

Sealing: Sealing of the ball and the stem is provided by two levels.

Ayvaz TGV-30 three partial full bore valves are designed to be used at combustion gas applications likewise, LNG, LPG and natural gas. This type of valves important armatures that provide flow control and opening and closing for he systems. Due to the construction and type of flow bore of ball valve, minimum pressure loss is provided. The pressure loss of TGV 30 is the same with the pipe at same diameter.

Easy maintenance: Due to simple body and internal parts, it’s so easy to make maintenance.

Top flange for actuator mounting: is acc. to ISO 5211.

Double stem: PTFE O-rings are provided double stem and increased safety.

Material Structure:Body: GGG 40.3 Ductile Iron, Ball: Stainless Steel 1.4301
Max. Operating Temperature200 °C
Max. Operating Pressure:40 bar
Nominal Diameter:DN40 (1 1/2”) – DN125 (5”)
Applications:Natural gas lines, LNG and LPG lines